What Makes Us Experts?

Our team has granular industry knowledge so we can easily spot a brand and connect it with a franchise partner that we are certain we can shepherd to success! We don’t see ourselves as selling franchises, we award franchises to partners who we can adopt into our corporate family. We are very careful about picking the right people to take care of our brands as they are the engine that drives our success. We see our brands as masterpieces and we develop them with care and precision. We keep our brands relevant and desirable by staying informed of sector innovations and market trends.


We have a strong team with years of experience but that’s not why we are so successful. Our team embodies the burning desire to succeed and to see all of our franchise partners achieve dreams of wealth and financial freedom. Our approach is holistic and methodical, building slowly and purposefully, gaining strength with each restaurant opening and partner adoption.



Our Team

Derek Massad

Co-Founder & C.E.O.

Ritou Maloni

Co-Founder, President & C.O.O.

John Karellopoulos

Vice-President of Procurement, Design & Construction

Sean Sarrami

Chief Development Officer

Christian Martin

Director of Franchising & Real Estate

Isabelle Roy

Director of Operations & Human Resources

Mervin Calixte

Training & Operations Consultant

Allison Gordon

Training & Operations Consultant

Stuart Chen

Training & Operations Consultant

Benjamin Chow

Training & Operations Consultant

Mary Huang

Chief Financial Officer